Open Your Eyes - by Ryan Pugh - T-Shirt
Open Your Eyes - by Ryan Pugh - T-Shirt

I Am Convicted

Open Your Eyes - by Ryan Pugh - T-Shirt

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State That You Are Alert

Let this shirt be a reminder to you and others to keep your eyes open for signs of human trafficking.

Soft and Loose Fitted

Soft to the skin and always enjoyable to wear.

Artist Statement - Explaining the Design

"What inspired this was the seemingly blind response society tends to have when it comes to sex crimes. Whether that be rape, trafficking, assault, harrasment, etc., the world and society turns a blind eye more often than not and likes to pretend it doesn't happen or exist. The image of an eyeball by itself is (pardon the pun) eyecatching enough, so tying that to the "open your eyes" message made sense to me. What originally planted the idea was Vein's cover art for their upcoming album "errorzone", and the idea spiraled from there. Just a in your face, not forgiving, look at it kind of design." -Ryan Pugh