I Am Convicted
"The most concrete way for survivors to reclaim their dignity is through a job. It’s what makes survivors’ rehabilitation sustainable in the long term." 
-Mar Brettmann, PhD.

About Us:

"I Am Convicted" is an exclusive clothing line from Convicted Printing (convictedprinting.com) created to emphasize our conviction to fight Human Trafficking. The word “Convicted” means different things to different people. For surviviors of Human Trafficking, convicted often means being a convicted felon. A reality that prevents many of these individuals from finding a sustainable job. The personal and cultural stigmas and disadvantages created by this reality contribute to a significant recursion rate within survivors of Human Trafficking. And we intend to break that cycle by emphasizing the fact that having a record doesn’t define who you are or what you can be.

Our goal with Convicted Printing is to create jobs with a safe and accommodating work environment for individuals recovering from the traumas and stigmas associated with Human Trafficking. We desire to create a workspace that focuses on dignity and personal development that will help these individuals rebuild their lives. The “I Am Convicted” clothing line aims to bring the community together around this mission and rebrand what it means to be convicted.

Change the world or die tryin’


We work with Graphic Designers to develop these products. We encourage each artist to create designs that reflect their personal style and perspective on the issue of Human Trafficking. Our hope is to bring creative individuals together to help create awareness and raise funding to help combat this destructive industry.  

If you would like to help us carry this conviction, please consider purchasing merch from the I Am Convicted line!